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Syazieq Sandhora Resources

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The Owner

SS Pop Shop was unofficially founded in the end of 2013 by Leen, a girl who had a high passion for K-pop & K-fashions.  She started the business just for fun and to get a side income. But, on March 2014, she decided to run the business seriously as she got a high demand & positive feedbacks from customers. She also wanted to share the love towards Kpop music together with all Kpop fans around the world especially in Malaysia. Well, if you wonder how old she is… she was born in 1992.. Hihi..


The Online Shop

SSPOPSHOP.COM  was officially launched on 14th January 2014.

Promising the lowest price in Malaysia is not our policy but we try our best to give the best price to you. Actually, we concern a lot on how we serve our customers. We want to give the best services to our lovely SS Pop Shoppers. We are so happy if we can develop a kind of siblings-relationship instead of seller-buyer relationship.  So, we hope you guys enjoyed shopping with us. We are pleasure to receive any comments, ideas or suggestions to improve our services. 


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